Barcelona fans stand up for Messi's goal


Barcelona refused to consider the goal of the first team in the derby against Espanyol as a reverse goal by the newspaper Marca.

Marca is the sponsor of the Golden Shoe Award and the official document from which the contest organizers trust.

The decision to find Derby was written in his report that Messi is Barça's first goal scored a free kick against Espanyol.

The Marca newspaper, in turn, was not based on the referee's report and calculated the goal of "friendly fire" any Espanyol goal in his own goal, which caused the wrath of Barcelona supporters, where Messi had only 30 goals in the conflict to win the Golden Shoe Award.

Cillian Mbabi, from Paris-St Germain, comes on the net with 27 goals, causing Barcelona fans to burst from the net and shout at Twitter to score Messi's goal.

Gareardo, the brand's general manager, said a team would analyze Messi's goal before deciding whether to count the Argentine player or a goal in favor.


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