Thursday , August 5 2021

Ayman Dejesh Commenting on the crisis of the game contractors: the implementation mechanism is illegal

Ayman Dejeesh commented on the previous decision on the crisis witnessed by the game between the Arab contractors and the stars they collected in the Egyptian championship, pointing out that referee Mohamed Hanafi's decision was correct, but the implementation mechanism is "illegal."

"If there is a problem, we have to find solutions and face them, we should not bury our heads in the sand," Dujish said during a radio interview with Radio 9090.

"The game was in crisis, the decision was correct, but the implementation mechanism was not legal."

The Arab Contractors met with their NOC Stars in the 20th round of the championship and ended the game by tying (2-2).

The game had witnessed a crisis after Hanafi scored a goal for the Ahmed Ali wolves in the 66th minute, before the referee decided to cancel the goal for an error after an objection from the opposing team.

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