Artgirl vicious 145 part v


Seminar Artgrl 145 Part V, We followed the site of the Nile News News serial series Artegrl Part V and the last, where we saw new events on the "Bamsi" and not to die in the previous episode, but will survive "Dmrul" Through Bamsi, we analyze the official announcement of the series Artgrill A week to accompany fans and lovers of the new news series for the following events in ArtGirl and Pamesy.

ArtGrill 145 Bamsi sacrifices himself and saves Darmul and Gunduz

The attack on Gunduz and Dardol, who was saved by Bamsey, and secondly, the wound of Amassi, who saves the warriors and Gunduz, and third, the messenger of the Emperor who came to reconcile with Artagarl, but what about? The head of Drajus or the castle of Lefkha, and finally the discovery of the Alblegi by the truth of his brother, and the discovery of his brother opposed his complacency with Artgrel.

In the analysis of the images that appeared in the advertisement, the first photo is shown by Dumarl and Gondoz and they were attacked. When this incident occurred we hope it occurred while Artegrel was ready to cut off Drajes' head. The two Dumroul and Gondruz were not there and checked the previous episode to be sure.

The second shot is Amassi's injury, I think it will not be dangerous and will happen, but it's the events that will turn the events and blow up and end the matter of cutting off the head of Dragos.Para for the sent, it will stop the sentence of death and not a battle as we all hope.

The frequency of the Yarmouk channel to follow the series Artegril true 145

We publish to you the new frequency of satellite channel Yarmouk in order to follow the series of Artagrill fifth and final part of it, where it will be presented on Thursday at 8:00 p.m., Cairo time, and here is the modern frequency of satellite Yarmouk 2019:

  • Vertical Frequency 11678
  • The coding rate is 27500
  • Coefficient of correction 3/4

We await your review of the next episode and what will happen to Pamesy, whether he will die or whether new events will occur in Artgrel's episode 145.

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