American discovers not having cancer after 5 years of "chemistry"


A man from the state of Colorado discovered that he did not have cancer after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for five years.

James Salars visited Montrose Hospital in 2012 for routine exams where doctors performed a series of tests before discovering abnormalities in the left lung.

After taking a dose of the lung, doctors told Salars he had a rare type of cancer, causing excess white blood cells to form tumors throughout the body.

Despite being treated immediately, the pulmonary abnormalities remained the same, until recently he visited another doctor, telling him that he was not suffering from cancer but a condition that caused vasculitis.

"I felt pain under my armpit, so I checked the hospital where doctors diagnosed me with a rare type of cancer that can damage many body members," Salars said.

For years, Salars suffered from pain associated with chemotherapy, lived with painkillers, and doctors took samples of his left lung several times without noticeable improvement, according to the British Daily Mail.

When he went to see his doctor, Chun Kee Lee, in October 2017, he discovered that he had been expelled from the hospital and had to look for another tumor specialist.

After finding a new doctor, Salars discovered that he had no cancer and was referred to a rheumatologist who was diagnosed with vasculitis.

Montrose Memorial Hospital has not commented on the error that caused Salares infection with pancreatitis due to chemotherapy, and investigations are ongoing.


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