Amazon announces new Fire TV Edition with Dolby Vision feature


Amazon announced a new version of Fire TV Edition with Dolby Vision and a 55-inch screen priced at $ 450.

Amazon announces new Fire TV Edition with Dolby Vision feature

Previously, Amazon released a version of 4K Entertainment TV Fire Edition with more clarity than other versions to offer a unique viewing experience to its users, but once again has released an updated version of Dolby Vision technology that offers a high viewing experience comparable to HDR10. , Which gives more colors and control methods to get the desired image.

The company also said that there were other copies measuring 50 inches would cost $ 380, and $ 43 per inch would cost $ 330.

Amazon offers another important feature away from content, making the new Fire TV Edition compatible with voice control devices.

Acoustic devices have an Alexa audio plugin, which means the TV can be controlled with voice commands with ease.

But what adds to this feature is their quick interaction with voice commands, what happened during their presentation at the conference.

Amazon wants to intensify competition with its main competitor in the industry, Roku, which introduced Dolby Vision with its Chinese TCL screens for some time, but Amazon, which collaborated with Toshiba to add the feature, wants to attract a larger audience. During prices below your competitor.




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