Ahmed Fahmy: This is the date of our wedding here and I was ascetic and I was a bit of literature! – Special


The founder of the "Half the World" of the famous Al-Ahram newspaper honored the Egyptian artist Ahmed Fahmy after the success of his comedy series in the month of Ramadan 2019 (Alwad Sayed Al-Shahat).

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During the seminar, Ahmed Fahmy responded to criticisms that were directed to him by his mistreatment with some of his followers through the media, and his violent and hostile responses to them.

"Some criticize and attack simply because of the attack and are not sufficiently aware of the events of the action.I may be wrong when I said to him:" You are bleeding your blood. "I was a bit literal when I said this, I apologize to him for that word only, but I do not retreat from the rest of my words).

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"We're getting married later this summer, and we're certainly going to celebrate a huge wedding, because that's a wish here," he said.


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