Activists urge Google to dismantle before it's too late


Google's parent company, Google Inc. and its sister-in-law, have called for the company to dismantle before organizers are forced to do so following calls for the dismantling of Facebook that has emerged recently.

SumOfUs, a US group working to reduce corporate power, plans to present the proposal at Alfabat's annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday in a company official lounge in Sunnyvale, California.

While US and EU authorities are concerned about Alphabit's market power in the face of monopoly restrictions, SumOfUs said: "We believe that shareholders can get more value than voluntary strategic reduction in company size compared to the sales of assets imposed by regulators. " .

Observers say this proposal has a real chance of success: Larry Page, Sergey Brin, founder of Google Inc. and chief executive of Alfabet, holds about 51.3% of the vote.

However, these appeals show a growing focus on the possibility of antitrust actions against Alfapet and other major technology companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, facing a public and political response to privacy issues and the power these companies have today over information world.

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It is noteworthy that the president of the United States (Donald Trump) criticized Google more than once, claiming without evidence that the search through the Google search engine gives negative results from it. He suggested that regulators in the United States follow suit with their European counterparts and review monopolies of technology companies, but he did not suggest any specific treatment.

Earlier this month, Reuters quoted sources as saying the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission were preparing to investigate whether Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook were abusing their huge market power.


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