Friday , October 22 2021

A famous artist comes out of the art .. And off: "I feel like shit"


The news of the resignation of the Syrian artist, Amal Arafa, by art, was stirred on social networking sites after a newspaper reported the story quoting the artist herself.

Amal decided to abandon the art and leave it to her family, as she said, stating that this decision "last words," and noted that she feels the final "shit" of what is happening.

She pointed out that any other profession could be ascribed to the minimum standards of decent living, in a better way than with the practice of acting, as she said.

Amal Arafa was the cause of a wave of indignation and harsh criticism after the presentation of a panel of a series of the last Ramadan called "Contak", talking about elements of the opposition Civil Defense Organization photographed the scenes of bombardment fabricated and help injured by air strikes in one of the areas in Syria.

At work, one of them asks a person at work (Amal Arafa) to yell at his children who died in the bombing, but are alive and demand death, and then shed blood on them to complete the elements of the scene.

Some considered this episode a derogation from the sanctity of death, and ridiculed the victims of the war in Syria, according to their words, they said the episode made fun of the work of the organization known as "white hats."

The media and the media were then occupied with messages of anger and attack in hope.

On the other hand, Amal then expressed her silence and presented a "letter of apology," pointing out that the purpose of the painting was "to refer to some manipulations of Syrian blood falsifying facts rather than generalization," as she said. But that did not end here, as supporters of the regime launched another war against it, saying they apologized to what they called "terrorists."

Amal Arfa was born in Damascus in 1970 and is the daughter of composer Suhail Arafa, the artist is Abdel Moneim Amairi, who married him in 2001 and gave birth to Salma and Maryam.

"Arfa" is known since the early 1990s, after the participation of many dramatic and comic works that resonated widely, becoming the first line of the Syrian drama stars.

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