6 "tempting" foods not taken after 40 years to maintain health


Physicians recommend the use of adequate diets for each age group that meets their needs. Progress in life is the most important phase that needs more attention, since the body needs more care, especially at age 40, because the function of the body changes and burns fat.

Foods to avoid after 40 for example include those that may increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and others, say nutrition experts.

1- Donuts
Donuts are one of the most popular foods in the world, but the little piece contains about 10 ounces of sugar, 340 calories and 19 grams of fat, which ultimately causes weight gain. It also contains high cholesterol, oil and sugar. Some research has suggested that cancer can lead to cancer.

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Besides the general damage, the alcohol is full of calories. These additional calories are significant damage to the intestines.
Excessive drinking can lead to breathing difficulties. Alcohol also loses your consciousness and causes you to go to sugar and to sleep, but you probably will not fall asleep, which will increase your craving for carbohydrates and sugar the next day.

3 – soft drinks
Scientists warn that excessive consumption can weaken bones and make them more prone to fractures. Scientists blame caffeine because it can reduce calcium absorption and increase urinary excretion. The harmful effect of carbonated beverages is more likely to occur with beverages containing caffeine. The phosphoric acid found in many soft drinks can help with osteoporosis and injury. Obesity and hypertension.

4 – fried foods
All experts agree on the damages of fried foods of all kinds, including meat and chicken, the frying process adds more oils and fatty materials, which causes weight gain.

5. White flour
The body usually converts white flour into glucose, which is easily stored as fat. The white flour is digested more slowly and remains in the stomach for as long as possible.

6- processed meat
Fabricated meat is a serious factor in human health and increases the chances of bladder cancer, heart disease, cylindrical worms and viral diseases.

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