Yogurt has proven to be beneficial to men's health.


The scientists found a link between eating at least two servings of yogurt per week and a decreased risk of colorectal adenoma in men.

Benefits of Yogurt

The corresponding research was conducted by an international team from the USA and China. They analyzed a large-scale sample of men and women who underwent small bowel endoscopy regularly for 26 years. The paper was published in the journal Gut, reports Nacked-Science.

The authors refer to earlier studies that have shown an association between high consumption of yogurt and a reduced risk of colon cancer. Now the experts wanted to see if there is a similar connection to benign tumors (adenomas).

They selected 32,606 men who participated in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study program and 55,743 women who participated in the Nurses Health Study program. All of them from 1986 to 2012 were submitted to regular endoscopy of the small intestine. Every four years they provided detailed lifestyle and diet information, including the amount of yogurt consumption.

During the study, the adenoma was found in 5811 men and 8116 women. The authors compared the consumption of yogurt with all types of adenomas, with only equipment and, conversely, excluding the equipment. They noted that in men who ate two or more servings of yogurt per week, the risk of developing adenoma was less than 19%. For malignant tumors, this risk reduction increased to 26%. However, for men with dentate adenoma, which increases the risk of developing colorectal cancer, such a correlation was not found, as for women.

Scientists emphasize that this is an observational study, which did not set the goal of discovering the reason for the connection. The data still needs to be verified, moreover, it is necessary to understand if there is a mechanism that allows the yoghurt to reduce the risk of developing a tumor in the intestine. The authors suggest that the cause of this association may be the bacterium Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which are capable of acting on substances that cause the development of cancer, as demonstrated by experiments with mice.

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