Will Smith invested $ 46 million in eSports. Reedus


Actor Will Smith invested $ 46 million in e-sports company Gen.G. Japanese footballer Keisuke Honda, who, along with the American star, owns the Dreamers Fund, has become an actor's partner.

The Dreamers Fund Will Smith organized along with Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda. They have been joined by Dennis Wong (pioneer of professional eSports), Michael Zeisser (former investment chairman) and David Rogier.

Cybersport is still not very popular in Japan, but we are seeing a tremendous growth of this discipline around the world, which is very positive. We decided to invest in Gen.G because of its incredible staff and great prospects in eSports. We sincerely look forward to working with Gen.G to develop the eSports industry around the world, said the Honda.

Gen.G, short for Generation Gaming, was founded in 2017 in South Korea, but last year was renamed in an attempt to overcome the "gap between east and west." The organization has a number of professional teams competing in video games such as League of Legends, PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends.

E-sports or electronic sports is a competitive discipline based on video games. In several countries, including Russia, eSports is recognized as the official sport of great sports. The beginning of this discipline once put the game "Doom II", in which players competed in the local network. The rise and popularization of eSports was due to the "Quake", when in 1997 the first league of eSports athletes appeared in the USA.


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