Why UAZ "Patriot" is good, even considering the shortcomings, the blogger explained: AvtoMedia: VladTime


The owner of the new UAZ "Patriot" explained what he liked and did not like in the car, and why buying a home SUV was still a good decision.

Blogger Dmitry Flegantov said there are many flaws that UAZ must correct. First of all, not satisfied with the Patriot's assembly, the fit of the pieces is either large or uneven between some elements of the body and the interior, and plastic that is lagged from the glass, and a mirror loosely attached to the visor.
The author is not satisfied with the power supply to the outlet after stopping the engine, slow operation of the air conditioner, insufficiently powerful airflow with side baffles, poor quality eco-leather on the seats and the appearance of floating curves when the car is warming up. In addition, at least as an option, the owner would like to see the possibility of installing a leather armrest instead of a plastic armrest.

At the same time, the blogger noted that despite all the shortcomings, was satisfied with the car. "1.3 million for a frame SUV of this size is a penny," he said. The owner liked the spacious "Patriot" lounge and its terrain level: "You can get out of any dirt."

In addition, he has acquired the "Patriot" UAZ in a rich configuration with cruise control and climate, a multi-wheel drive, a variety of driver and safety assistants – that is, all that is needed for a modern car. He called the ZMZ-Pro engine the advantage of an SUV, and he also considered economical fuel consumption – about 12-13 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle.

Miya Gronskaya

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