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According to the blogger, the H9 is not only twice as cheap as Pradika, but also much cooler than in a variety of configurations.

About this reviewer Maxim Sergeev said on his YouTube channel. The expert immediately stated that he was shocked by the Chinese SUV Haval H9 because he did not expect such a high level of it. Despite the fact that the "Chinese" is almost totally "outlined" with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the driver believes that the Japanese legend is an order of magnitude worse than its cheapest competitor.

Even the exterior, which is more than specific to Pradik, in the developers Haval H9 managed to make more complete, and the reference to the Mercedes ML, manifested by cuts in the hood, gave the blogger a separate pleasure. At the same time, it is only more interesting as long as if both cars differ in design, then in terms of the interior and wealth of equipment, the Chinese SUV leaves no TLC Prado and a chance.

Under the hood, the Haval H9 is a 2.0-liter engine that produces 245 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. The new engine with an expensive turbine, according to the driver, is as transparent as possible, despite the fact that the Mitsubishi Outlander was previously equipped with similar power units, which could not have an impressive safety margin. But as for the transmission, surprises are already beginning.

The ZTF 8-speed automatic transmission, which is fitted to most Land Rover SUVs and BMW crossovers, allows the Haval H9 all-wheel drive to behave like a rear-wheel drive car if needed, which pleasantly surprised the reviewer. The presence of several off-road modes is another advantage of the Hawail and in general, the car traffic is very high: "Old school. Real, professional, frame SUV.

To summarize, the reviewer also praised the second row of seats, the Haval H9, saying that back seat comfort is a separate tale, since the successful seating layout provides only unprecedented space, and ergonomics provides most of the functions needed for a person: a separate climate control unit, sockets, ashtrays and more. "The Chinese who made the Prado," enthused the blogger.

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