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Weight fluctuations shorten life – Health

The results of a study by scientists at Huazhong University (China), published in the journal The British Medical Journal.

To find out how interconnected weight fluctuations in adulthood and life expectancy, the researchers analyzed data related to more than 36,000 Americans over 40 years of age. All of these people were weighed at baseline and also reported how much they weighed at 25 years (young adulthood) and 35 years (average adulthood). Observations of study participants were made for an average of 12 years, during which time ten and a half thousand of them died for various reasons.

The calculations showed that weight gain between 25 and 35 years, stable obesity during and beyond, and weight loss over 35 – all these factors increase the risk of early death.

Thus, in people who are 25 to 35 years old who have gained weight and started to suffer from obesity, the risk of dying for any reason increases by 22%, and the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease increases by 49% compared to those, that throughout this time the weight remained stable. At the same time, the transition from obesity to normal weight during this period of life does not lead to premature death.

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For overweight 35-year-old obese people who have gradually lost weight and returned to a healthy weight, the risk for various reasons of not surviving old age increases by 30%, and the risk of dying from heart disease increases by 48%. % compared to those whose weight hasn't changed all this time. At the same time, the transition from normal weight to obesity between 35 and 40 years or older is not associated with an increased risk of early death.

The most dangerous thing, as it turned out, is to suffer from obesity throughout adulthood. The risk of dying relatively young in this case increases by 72% if obesity persists between 25 and 35 years, by 61% if obesity persists between 25 and over 40 years and 20% if obesity persists between 35 and over 40 years. .

"The results obtained indicate that maintaining normal weight throughout adulthood, and in particular preventing weight gain in youth, is very important to prevent early death," the researchers conclude.

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