Friday , October 22 2021

Video: Pugacheva fainted


Fans of the Russian diva are actively discussing archival videos in which Alla Pugacheva "faints." The album appeared on Alla Borisovna's fan page on the Instagram.

On the picture, Pugacheva is in a snow-white dress with her colleague, singer Lima Vaikula. Together, the actresses talk about the "Heat" music festival, held annually in Azerbaijan in Baku.

During her replies, Donna reports that she is hot, and then simply falls on her face.

"Bye!" – the singer says before "fainting".

According to, Alla Pugacheva is a big fan of the festival, referred to in the video, and often visits it personally. In addition, Alla Borisovna has been friend of the second participant of the video, Laima Vaikule.

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Fans in the comments admired the singer's acting skills. However, these are not all possessed talents Alla Pugacheva – Earlier said that Prima Donna, along with his daughter Liza, demonstrated knowledge of karate techniques.

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