Video: Astrological forecast for the week of April 22 to 28


Week from April 22 to April 28 will become by many a period when energy is boiling in. Mercury and Venus have entered the sign of Aries, and the Sun enters the constellation of Taurus. In order for the representatives of each sign of the zodiac to know where and how to direct the energy unexpectedly apparent correctly, astrologer Sergey Sedashev made an exclusive prediction for the readers of

Aries – a horoscope for a week

Aries has a period of incredible activity and productivity. In addition, next week, the signal representatives will be very cheerful and optimistic. The stars urge you to be more careful about it and not "overheat" such a flow of plans and ideas.

Taurus – a horoscope for a week

Taureans enter their rights next week – the Sun enters their sign. Therefore, the level of self-awareness among the sign's representatives will be much greater. Taurus should start making plans for next year and also think if you have chosen the right direction of the move. If there is a need to adjust the course of life – now is the right time for it.

Gemini – a horoscope for a week

Gemini energy will manifest physically and morally. However, be careful – your energy threatens to turn into irritability and even moodiness. But the forces for implementing a large number of plans will suffice.

Cancer – a horoscope for a week

A great number of thoughts and ideas will come this week for Cancers. However, the representatives of this sign will direct their energy not in their realization, but in experiences and even in disorders associated with ideas. The stars recommend not to waste your nerves on trifles – instead, pay attention to the plans you've matured for a long time.

Leo – a horoscope for the week

The Lions will be good to do what is called sprint efforts next week. For this, the Stars will provide everything you need: determination, leadership qualities and an adequate supply of strength. You will be especially effective if you do not delay the implementation of ideas.

Virgo – a horoscope for the week

But the Virgin in this period will not be easy. A large number of new plans will not lead to a moral increase, but to distraction and, as a result, irritability. Brand representatives will be distracted by third-party tasks that seem more important right now. The week is negative, but you just have to wait.

Libra – a horoscope for a week

Weights should be taken into account: memory next week will fail regularly. The ability to focus on something and assimilate new information will also not be equivalent. Therefore, it is best to avoid working with important documents and negotiations. Also try not to make promises – it's best to ask a person to contact you with your question later.

Scorpio – a horoscope for the week

For Scorpios, the week is relatively calm. However, you have a period in which it is desirable to postpone the struggle for power and a sense of self-worth. By stating them, you can get the opposite result.

Sagittarius – a horoscope for a week

Sagittarius will be sharp on the tongue, prone to disputes and conflicts. The stars are advised to include the indulgence and tolerance of the people inherent to you by nature in full capacity. This will help prevent fights and serious fights.

Capricorn – a horoscope for a week

Capricorns, avoid rash decisions! Chances are good that the decision taken at once is wrong and only hurts your plans in the future.

Aquarius – the horoscope of the week

Aquarium will be energetic and full of energy – any plans are carried out with surprising ease. In addition, optimism and enthusiasm will prevail in the climate of the representatives of the signs. Stars advise not to waste a moment and do what you have been thinking for a long time.

Pisces – a horoscope for a week

For Pisces, the week is not easy, it may be difficult for you to get together and do something concrete. The insistent demands of others to get together and do something will only aggravate the situation. Stars advise to be patient – from the middle of the week, it will be easier. publishes daily astrological prediction per day with more precise recommendations.


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