"UAZ", Chevrolet Niva and LADA 4×4 compared to the Land Cruiser in the snow: AvtoMedia: VladTime


The bloggers decided to organize an ambitious winter test drive, "inviting" several domestic off-road cars to this race, the legendary Kruzak has become a competitor.

What is remarkable, the author of the video in the person of the reviewer Sergey Meshkov decided in a desperate step, preparing stock versions of cars for the arrival – only one of the "UAZ" was previously prepared with powerful tires and a reinforced suspension.

Not surprisingly, it was he who, from the beginning, ran forward through the snow-covered field, leaving behind him deep routines and surprising the drivers of other cars. The "bread" also decided not to be left behind, and at first actually faced the snow properly until it got stuck in a small hole – the Land Cruiser came to the rescue, took the car out of the captivity.

In turn, they were all stuck in a difficult section, except for the "Japanese" and "loaded" UAZ car. The bloggers did not take into account that the snow is very dense, so even Kruzak did not do it without special training because he dealt with the low hills with no visible problems, but at some point he had to stand still – the bread gave his debt and helped the SUV out.

Unable to make an unequivocal conclusion on the basis of arrival, it is clear that Niva and Shniva shares, like the former Toyota Land Cruiser, do not run on heavy snow without locks and elevators. But who surprised everyone was "Loaf", which did not look any worse than "Kruzak" in such difficult conditions.

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