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TV presenter Ivan Urgant reacted to the news of the release of the house arrest of journalist Ivan Golunov and the removal of all charges against him. He stated this in the "Evening Urgant" program, reports the correspondent "".

"The shortest house arrest in history," urged Urgant, adding that if producer and comedian Semyon Slepakov filmed the sequel to the "House Prending" series, it would be a short film. "It turns out that the new fairy tale of Saltykov-Shchedrin:" As a journalist of two generals, he was dismissed, "the showman said ironically.

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17:39June 11th

Ivan Golunov

According to the TV presenter, public security agencies now face a difficult task – it is likely to explain how the drugs ended up in Golunov's apartment. "First, these are rats addicted. (…) Second, the Afghan wind swelled. Such a drug drifting. Well, in the end, drugs can end up in Ivan's apartment as God's punishment for working on the Sobchak Alive talk show, "Urgant noted.

He concluded that the only thing that would help the police was the eraser of the movie "Men in Black."

Medusa correspondent Ivan Golunov was arrested in the afternoon of June 6 in Moscow, accused of attempted drug sales and sent to house arrest. The circumstances of the arrest of a journalist were criticized by colleagues. A series of solitary pickets was held outside the main office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. June 11, Ivan Golunov was released.

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