This setting in Windows 10 should change all


Let it be since the release of Windows 10 operating system, four years have passed in the market, during which a series of important updates have been released, but really did not improve in the eyes of ordinary users. This is due to the fact that this platform has very complex and confusing configurations, in which, from time to time, it is difficult to even understand an experienced specialist. These often overlap, and there are completely useless options in prominent places, while the really useful settings seem to have been deliberately hidden by Microsoft through the eyes of users.

Many computer owners, tablets, laptops, complete PCs, and other devices running Windows 10 have probably noticed that from time to time the performance of an electronic device may decline a lot, but then everything comes back to normal again. This happens, as a rule, when "Windows" starts to install updates in the background, before downloading. In all of this, of course, there is nothing good, because in some cases the performance decreases so much that the software used begins to slow down a lot and in some cases even hangs up for a few seconds.

All this is due to Microsoft which seemed to have added a hidden setting to Windows 10 which is almost impossible to find by itself but is very important. To detect it, open the "Start" menu, and then right-click on the "This computer" application shortcut by selecting "Properties" from the list. In this, you will need to go to the "Advanced System Settings", and then open the "Performance" section. Here are the "Settings", which must be opened, and select the "Advanced" repository. In this section, there is an extremely important configuration that you need to install correctly.

In the "Optimize work" option, select "programs" instead of "services running in the background". For some mysterious reasons, the second setting is set by default on computers, tablets, laptops, and all-in-one computers from multiple manufacturers, which makes Windows 10 slow in some cases. The main thing is to not forget to apply the settings and then restart the electronic device, because only then all changes will take effect. It remains to believe that in the future Microsoft will fix this defect in the tenth "Windows", making this option more accessible to use, putting it in a convenient place, not some kind of cache.

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