The traffic police inspector died trying to stop the traffic offender. Reedus


In the Samara region near Syzran, a 24-year-old traffic police inspector was killed trying to stop a traffic offender.

The incident occurred on November 5 at 1:20 am (2:20 Moscow time) on 925 km from the Ural highway.

Infiniti car in the village area of ​​Pechersk overtook in the opposite lane and exceeded the speed. The inspector tried to stop him.

However, the driver of a foreign car, according to preliminary data, lost control and hit a DPS officer who died on the spot, reports the portal "Little Syzran."

The foreign car crashed into a ditch, one of the two men inside the car also died, the second was injured several times, notes the Izvestia newspaper.

Traffic police discover all the circumstances of the incident.


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