The star of "Game of Thrones" told about the discrimination on the set of the series: Cinema: Culture:


Actress Sophie Turner, best known for playing the role of Sansa Stark in the series Game of Thrones, reported unequal salaries while working on the series. This writes the magazine Harper's Bazaar.

According to the artist, his colleague Keith Harington, who played John Snow, received more money for the shooting. "Whale Harington received more money than I did, but his story was longer. In the last series, he had something crazy, for example, 70 night shots, which I did not have either. And I said, "You know, leave that money" "- said Turner, explaining the same fees in the film industry – this is a complex topic.

In an interview, she said she is a supporter of the anti-harassment movement #MeToo and advocates that the work of women and men be paid equally, without discrimination. She added that, lately, people are more likely to talk about equal pay, and project managers are more willing to listen to their demands.

According to The Mirror, Turner earns 158,000 pounds per episode, while Harington earns 370,000 to 537,000 pounds sterling.

In late February, the 23-year-old actress faced criticism over last season's spoilers that Game of Thrones leaked onto the network. Fans of the show reminisced over the January interview in which the actress admitted she did not know how to keep secrets, so she told several people about the series' finale. Netizens considered the leak to be due to Turner, but she denied that information.

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