The Samsung Galaxy Fold test samples are broken within a few days. Reedus


Samsung has begun selling the world's first flexible smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. As is often the case in such cases, the manufacturer sent samples for testing in large editions, but something did not go as planned: in two days, four journalists broke a new device for $ 2,000.

Thus, the author of The Verge portal complains of problems with the flexible screen of the smartphone, on which appeared a strange bump. The journalist believes that the dust is clogged under the factory film, due to the interaction with which the screen failed (green bands passed through the matrix).

CNBC and Bloomberg, as well as blogger Marques Brownlee, also had problems. However, as it turned out, the last two have removed the protective film from the device screen, which is impossible.

Users ignored the warning that Samsung put in the packaging:

Representatives of the company confirmed that the lack of attention of journalists and bloggers was to blame:

Several reviewers removed the main movie from the screen, causing damage. The flexible Galaxy Fold screen has a protective layer, which can be damaged if removed.

Galaxy Fold sales in Russia begin after the world. I wonder how many more users will fall prey to their carelessness. Meanwhile, #FoldGate flashmob has already been released on social networks.


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