The network has terrible details about GTA VI


Since the game studio Rockstar Games, on behalf of publisher Take-Two Interactive, launched the GTA V game, almost six years have passed since it was released in September 2013, that is, a long time ago. Since then, technology has come a long way and more recently this company has proven that, as it launched a new game in the face of Red Dead Redemption 2. It quickly became a success, having received a number of unique features. However, most players are expecting the release of a hit like GTA VI.

This game should become the embodiment of a new generation of games, because your game world will be at least four times bigger than the GTA V, which will definitely please all fans of the series. However, unfortunately, all of this has a downside. Today, May 7, 2019, terrible details about the Grand Theft Auto VI video game appeared on the net, which is unlikely to be happy, because to play it, you will have to spend an impressive amount of money with it and console of a new generation.

Appeal Pastebin, who previously did not release reliable information once, said the GTA VI game will be available exclusively on new generation gaming consoles, and this will receive advanced technical equipment, which will allow it to run. It is alleged that precisely because of the lack of PS5 and Xbox Two on the market now (the intended name), Rockstar Games is slow to launch a new part of the GTA universe that tens of millions of people around the world are waiting for.

The technical equipment of the consoles currently on the market will not be sufficient to ensure the full operation of Grand Theft Auto VI, which is the reason for the delay in its release. However, to get the most money, Rockstar Games wants to act very cleverly, as it has done more than once. For the first two years, GTA VI will be available exclusively on next generation consoles, and then it will be released for PCs, but most of its potential audience will have lost interest in it.

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