The most "solitary" signs of the zodiac: they do not need love


The most

Astrologers have named signs of the zodiac that they do not know how to love, and most representatives of these constellations do not need any love.

Gemini occupy the first place because they can not help but go from their selfishness despite some manifestations of romance. Twins usually lie, so they can change partners.

Capricorn is a workaholic, so he has no time for his personal life.

Aquarium they crave for freedom and independence, so they do not want to assume obligations in loving relationships.

Fourth place Scorpio ensured its heavy character. Understand that people of this zodiac sign can only themselves. Scorpios do not open even to the nearest people.

Cancer closes the first five "solitary" signs of the zodiac. According to astrologers, they are only interesting at the beginning of a relationship. Cancers do not fall in love, they just choose the right people to raise a family.


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