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The governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region resigns :: Politics :: RBC

In the summer, CBR interlocutors close to the presidential government said Levintal is among the governors whose resignation is being discussed in the Kremlin.

One candidate to replace Levintal is EAO Senator Rostislav Goldstein, a source close to the presidential administration and interlocutor told the Federation Council apparatus. With the senator, he was already discussing his arrival in the region, the two RBC interlocutors added. Goldstein declined to comment on this information to RBC. The fact that Goldstein was considered the new governor was also reported by Kommersant sources.

Levintal, commenting on October 11 about the possibility of his resignation, said: “Maybe one day I will resign, but certainly not now. First, you have to solve a lot of problems – by paying compensation to flood victims as the warming season begins. There is a lot of work and no time to think about resignation. "

Regarding Levintal, two factors coincided, said political analyst Vitaly Ivanov. On the one hand, this is the case when the first person in the region does not work with a good regional manager – vice president of the Khabarovsk Territory government on economic issues, who was Levintal before being appointed interim chief of the region, the expert said. On the other hand, EAO is a depressed region in which it is very difficult to become a good governor, Ivanov continues.

In the Jewish Autonomous Region, in his opinion, next year there will be a difficult election campaign, “especially if the son-in-law of Sergei Furgal (the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory) is appointed RBC) Ivan Pilyaev. "The LDPR Furgal representative is popular in Khabarovsk territory, which could also affect the results of the JAO governor election, as the region" in every way depends "on the neighboring region, Ivanov explains.

Since 2018 Ivan Pilyaev has served as coordinator of the regional LDPR branch at EAO. He became a State Duma deputy this year, defeating Communist Nikolai Platoshkin and United-nominated singer Vika Tsyganova in the September pre-election in Khabarovsk Territory.

“EAO is a very small entity, secondary to neighboring regions. Many people leave EAO to neighboring regions respectively, the staffing potential in the region is very weakened and from that point of view the state is going through a tough time, ”said political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov.

Levintal, in his words, honestly elaborated his mandate: “He had obvious successes. But the region is extremely difficult. Levintal himself is not young. If he leaves, I would describe him not as "left out," but as "the contract is over," emphasizes the expert.

Jewish autonomous oblast ranks 58th (out of all 85 regions) in terms of the absolute level of average per capita income: people live there on average 23,800 rubles. per month follows Rosstat data for 2018. The proportion of decent income and salary in the region is about 185.2% (in Russia as a whole – 320.9%).

The cost of living in the region is 12.8 thousand rubles and a quarter of the inhabitants of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (24.6%) live below the poverty line established in the region. The poverty rate in the Jewish Autonomous Region is one of the highest in the country. In Russia as a whole, the level of poverty in 2018 reached 12.9% of the population.

As of January 1, 2019, some 159,900 people live in the Jewish Autonomous Region, and the demographic situation remains difficult. Fertility is declining (in January-August 2019, the number of births has decreased by 4%), while mortality is increasing (+ 0.3%), which is why a natural population decline is recorded in the region (in eight months of this year were 330 people).

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