The blogger talked about the great completion of the LADA 4×4 Urban: AvtoMedia: VladTime


The blogger has shown how to improve even the most common "Niva" if you invest in it a decent amount.

Blogger Alan Enileev talked about the great finalization of the LADA 4×4 Urban. They put new headlights and headlights on the Niva, redesigned the radiator grille, replaced the chrome LADA badge with a matte black, and added a cap below the off-road plate. In addition, attach the original 22-e wheels to the Vossen 65/30. The arcs are not yet fully optimized for these wheels, this moment has not yet been finalized, but they have already been cut a little.

In addition, the LADA 4×4 Urban has a powerful step below the BMW-style threshold, the "native" side mirrors are replaced by LADA Granta mirrors, the rear lights are improved, the Akrapovic exhaust pipes and improved door locks are added.

Inside, the Niva is no less surprising: now it has a W222 Mercedes-Benz S Class steering wheel, with a logo on it wearing a leather emblem with the inscription Urban, the dashboard was replaced with an alternative. The torpedo remained normal but completely entwined. Part of the central tunnel is also taken from the "Merce" GL, whose nodes were processed under the "Niva".

LADA 4×4 options also expanded: heated seats appeared, the seats themselves were rearranged of the BMW M6 with preserved adjustment modes, they put an expensive expensive audio system to 800 thousand rubles. The initial price of "Niva", according to the author, was 700 thousand rubles, and now its total value with all modifications is 3 million.

According to the reviewer, the owner plans to invest 1.5 to 2 million more in his beloved son. Expansion of the bows, the installation of a powerful braking system, the addition of the turbocharger to Niva's standard 1.7 engine and the emergence of a multimedia control system are planned.

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