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Tesla plans to revive the business associated with solar panels

The problem is that SolarCity, from the outset, worked almost at a loss – just to teach people how to buy solar panels. Because of this, it was possible to keep prices at a significantly lower level than the country's average of $ 2.85. However, the situation may change soon. And will now tell you about it in more detail.

What do they plan to do to increase SolarCity's profitability?

As you know, Tesla now can not afford a non-profit production – the stockholders demand too much from the company. Therefore, management needed to urgently invent ways in which even subsidiary organizations could make a profit. The same SolarCity, which now runs Sanjay Shah.

The photo was the next one. By 2016, SolarCity simply rented out fairly sophisticated solar panels, which were brought in and mounted on buyers' roofs. This allowed for a price of $ 2 per watt, which was extremely beneficial for people, but did not pay for the production and installation costs of the company.

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Since 2016, when the company was acquired by Tesla, they tried to move away from this practice. Ended. However, demand fell dramatically – according to the data for 2018, profits and revenue decreased by almost 20%. Therefore, it was decided to somehow optimize the installation and production of solar panels.

To this end, an assembly line dedicated to solar panels was launched in GigaFactory 2. Several changes were also made, reducing solar panel prices by 20%. It's all right.

The filing application system for connection and installation has also been completely revised. Homeowners, who now have to take photos of all the important places, have begun to play a big role, so you can create almost real-time templates from the photographs without preliminary measurements. Less workers, less time, less costs, more benefits.

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All this will reduce the price to almost $ 1.75 per watt, which will attract even more customers. That is, the system should not only be self-sufficient, but also remain profitable for customers and for the company.

Experts believe that this is quite possible. At least there are no competitors who can offer better deals to SolarCity.

We also believe you would be interested to know that Tesla has acquired Maxwell Technologies, which theoretically is capable of creating a revolutionary new battery. And that is far more important than the lack of profit at the moment.

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