Tesla delivers cars in a new truck


Tesla delivers cars in a new truck"The perfect day for delivery."

Jerome Guillen, vice president of freight programs at Tesla, shared a LinkedIn image of Tesla Semi-loaded with Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles for delivery, reports from Chronicle.info with reference to Autoblog.

Guillen called this photo "Perfect Day for Delivery." We imagine that, in the near future, this is how Tesla will supply most of its electric vehicles to customers.

After CEO Ilon Mask shared a photo of a Semi Tesla truck carrying electric cars on Twitter – in a photo we saw a look at a sustainable future. Tesla is committed to providing as many cars as possible and even uses its own electric semi-trailers to deliver cars. The Tesla Semi Electric truck prototype is currently in the test and development stage.

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Initially, Tesla was expected to bring an electric truck to market by the end of this year, but the company did not update the truck launch schedule for a long time.

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