Switzerland Launches World's First ETP Encrypted


Of course the Amun Crypto ETP product will start trading on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the ticker "Hodl" next week.

On the SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland's top stock exchange, the first crypto-ETP, a publicly traded product that tracks the index of the top 5 cryptographic currencies, will appear. Lightcoin will be responsible for 2.74%, Bitcoin Cash (due to the recent hard-fork network, Bitcoin ABC will probably be used, although it is currently unknown which currency will occupy a dominant position in terms of hashate) – 3.74%, 39 %, and Ripple, which recently, according to CoinMarketCap, ranks second in terms of capitalization – 29%. The tool is designed for the initialization of the cryptomed Amun AG.

When an investor acquires ETP shares, the managers buy the appropriate amount of cryptomaned by placing it in an unsafe safe. And the advantage of this product is that it gives access to crypto-coins to institutional investors and private investors who are limited in dealing with securities and who can not use exchanges of crypto-coins due to regulatory restrictions in their jurisdictions. "In addition, those who are not able to work with crypto-coins due to local regulatory restrictions may enter the digital market," he explained. For all this, an annual fee of 2.5% has been set for asset management.

Despite the fact that now the company has decided to settle in Switzerland, a country which, according to Rushvan, is more favorable to the implementation of the plan for the release of the encrypted ETP, in the future authorized Amun plans to open other geographical regions.

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