Subaru will withdraw 100 thousand cars – Rossiyskaya Gazeta


Subaru announced a massive recall of the machines. Because of incorrect brake operation, 100,000 cars sold in Japan will go to dealerships.

Among the models recalled – Impreza sedan. As specified, the portion of services will cost the company 6.5 billion yen ($ 57 million).

In total this year, Subaru recalled more than 500 thousand cars. In previous cases, there were engine problems that could lead to your spontaneous shutdown.

In August, it became known that the company was forced to destroy 294 Ascent SUVs sold in the United States.

Remember car manufacturers in recent times has become common. Experts say that recall is in no way evidence of poor build quality. On the contrary, it shows that the company is closely monitoring the operation of their machines and promptly draws attention to the claims of their owners.


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