Student Tutberidze explained why she refused to speak for Russia


MOSCOW, April 1 – RIA News. Kazakhstan's artistic skater, Elizabeth Tursynbayeva, spoke about changing sporting citizenship, explaining why she decided not to play for Russia.

The 19-year-old athlete was born in Moscow and until 2013 played for Russia, training in the group Eteri Tutberidze. After moving to Canada to Brian Orser Tursynbayeva changed sports citizenship. From 2018, the skater works again in the group Tutberidze.

The silver medalist at the last World Cup in Japan also told of her favorite jump.

"I was given a full skating, I was a complete kid, I was not taken in the beginning – just because I was full, but since my brother was already rolling, I also got into figure skating. again.After a year or two, the coaches noticed the result, and so it all started spinning I've been working on the four-stroke salchow for a long time.- Tursynbayeva noticed – it seemed to me that this is somewhat faux.He helped the coaches. "Why are you doing this just to train? Salchow is one of the most favorite elements for me, he was originally well placed on me – double, triple, then it became possible to perform a four-lap jump. "


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