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It became known that Russian singer MakSim (Marina Abrosimova) partially lost her memory after the accident. The news was announced by his businesswoman Margarita Sokolova.

"She was in shock – she had short-term memory loss due to crashes. She does not even know if she was or not, "said Sokolova on the show" You will not believe it! ".

The manager added that the singer was traveling to the airport by taxi. The driver overspeed, the car slid on a slippery road, and the car hit the fence several times. MakSim was sitting in the backseat at the time and was arrested. However, the girl still received numerous bruises and concussions. Margarita Sokolova said that the actress has a disturbed speech, her condition is assessed as moderate.

By the way, it is not yet specified in what country the accident happened and where exactly the singer is now.

Earlier, "SP" reported that MakSim got into a serious accident on the way to the airport, rushed to Moscow to shoot the video "Unavailable subscriber"

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