Scientists using llamas can develop a vaccine against all types of flu


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Ukrainian News

Ukrainian News

Scientists using llamas can develop a vaccine against all types of flu

Apparently, American researchers have found an unexpected ally in the fight against the flu.

Lamb was used to create nano-antibodies that neutralize almost all common types of influenza, including the famous H1N1 swine flu, writes BBC-Ukraine.

Flu is an ideal virus that is constantly changing so that our immune system can not overcome it. Scientists have long been looking for ways to defeat him.

It turns out that llamas, South American mammals of the camelidae family, have unusually small antibodies. Such size allows them to be so active that common antibodies – for example, human ones – simply can not.

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute (California, USA) have injected sludge with three different types of flu to trigger a reaction of the immune system.

Scientists later looked at how antibodies actively fight viruses, isolate four types and, with their help, create their own synthetic antibodies.

Laboratory studies have shown that the compound created by scientists can prevent infection by 60 types of flu.

Tests on mice showed encouraging results that increase the likelihood of survival during influenza infection.

"The efficiency is very high: we tested 60 types of the virus, and only one of them could not be neutralized – the one that does not threaten people," says Professor Ian Wilson, one of the authors of the study.

"It was very difficult to create or open an antibody that simultaneously acted against the influenza A and B viruses that occasionally infect the human body. I have never seen antibodies that act so strongly immediately on so many viruses." added Mr. Wilson.

Despite the obvious success that scientists have achieved, it is worth noting that so far the research is only at an early stage. In the process of its later stages, it will be clear how these or other side effects will manifest and, in general, the human body will perceive "revolutionary" antibodies.

As published by the Ukrainian News, Suprun proposes not to take medicine for colds and ARVI.

Meanwhile, the number of adults with influenza and acute respiratory viral infections increased dramatically.


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