Samsung's newest LED screen appeared in central New York


Experts from the South Korean company Samsung Electronics have completed the installation of the latest LED screens on the facade of the famous building 1 in Times Square, New York. The feature of the installed screen is that its total area is 11,639 square feet, which is approximately 1081 m².

The mounted LED screens covered the entire front of building 1. In addition, installed LED displays are one of the most expensive advertising surfaces in the world. Hosted SMART LED Signage XPS series views are used to view live broadcasts as well as display multiple premium level video content.

High quality of the transmitted image was achieved due to the use of the XPS 160 and XPS 080 panels. These screen models are equipped with high quality LEDs and also have a sleek and improved design. Even so, these models are characterized by the perfect color regardless of the weather conditions and are characterized by a high level of energy efficiency. The advertising platform developed will be an excellent advertisement for the latest LED monitors from Samsung, capable of transmitting video content of the highest quality.

According to the executive vice president of Visual Displays at Samsung Electronics Sok Ki Kim (Seog-gi Kim), Times Square in New York not only attracts a large number of people, but also represents a symbolic center of culture and commerce. All of this makes Times Square an ideal place to introduce Samsung's advanced technology.

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