Friday , October 22 2021

Russians were predicted to have a trash collapse: Society: Russia:


The Attorney General's Office warned the Russians of the collapse of rubbish, which could happen if the problem of landfill with urban solid waste (TKO) is not resolved. This was stated by the First Deputy Attorney General of Russia Alexander Buksman, RIA Novosti reports.

According to him, of the 892 TKO 173 installations currently located in Russia, they do not meet health standards.

He also noted that, as a rule, MSWs are located in installations not listed in the state registry. In addition, he said, in 38 regions there are no refuse recycling plants, and existing landfills "have become a real disaster."

"Fortunately, the situation has not yet become irreversible, it can and should be resolved, otherwise it may escalate to a veritable collapse," Buksman concluded.

In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions after the February meeting with representatives of the public to discuss the progress of the national project "Housing and Urban Environment". Thus, the government, together with the presidential administration, is responsible, among other things, for developing rules for specifying payment documents, based on utility bills, information on regional operators for MSW management, and also reasonable to introduce changes in legislation division of responsibilities in the scope of MSM management among various entities, organizations and structures.

In early 2019, a new service regulation system for the disposal of TCRs began operating in Russia. Now the Russians need to pay for the work of regional operators whose competence includes the transportation, treatment, disposal and burial of waste. The rates will be approved separately, the service will not be included in the accommodation receipt.

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