Ronaldo's ache, van der Sar's OverMarsu kick and Ajax's jubilation. Historical images of Turin


Now officially, Ajax is the most rock and roll of the Champions League team.

1. A gang of Eric ten Hagah – the only one in history who beat Juve and Real in the same draw for the Champions League.

2. Ronaldo has scored three athletics, but for the first time in nine years he will not play in the Champions League semi-final. You yourself know who is to blame.

3. Ajax have reached the Champions League semi-final for the first time since 1997 (De Ligt was not born at the time). By the way, this season, Amsterdam players did not allow Juventus to win the final, which won 6: 2 in the sum of two matches.

4. "Ajax" is the first team in history, from the third round to the semi-final.

"Ajax" – only kings: it yielded "Juve" and for the first time in nine years Ronaldo left without the semifinal of UCL

Shoot against shots of photographers from world news agencies – at Sport24.


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