Revealed the main mistake of Russian women in applying makeup: Appearance: Values:


French shoe designer Christian Louboutin pointed out the Russians' top beauty mistake, and also found the difference between the modern Muscovites and the women he met in the capital during an earlier visit. Interview with the founder of online store Aizel Aysel Trudel with a fashion designer published on YouTube.

The stylist is sure that one of the main characteristics of the appearance of Russian women is radiant skin. "For 15 years you have done a lot of makeup. Now it's different: you wear make-up, you paint your eyes, but not in that amount. They are [женщины] eyes and lips fail, but the skin remains beautiful and clear. That's the difference, "Louboutin argued.

Then he remembered how he met a young girl, but she had so much makeup on her face that he could not determine her age. "You can protect your skin this way, but because of that, the glow disappears," the designer resented.

In the same interview, Christian Louboutin explained why Russian women like to wear heels. In his opinion, high heels become an instrument of trust and, for some, an instrument of strength.

In April 2019, the designer arrived in Moscow 15 years after his previous visit to participate in the restoration of costumes for the Bolshoi Theater. Christian Louboutin founded the footwear brand of the same name in 1992. In designing footwear and accessories used Swarovski crystals, lace and exotic leather. In Moscow, the company's first boutique was opened in 2003.

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