retired wife of Deputy Slutsky received a loan of 25 million rubles to Bentley from a contractor of the Moscow City Hall


Slutsky's wife is a pensioner, she receives a pension of 18 thousand rubles. No other income is stated in your statement. According to the documents, she bought Bentley for 28.2 million rubles, of which $ 3.2 million paid for itself and charged $ 25 million in debt.

She received cash on credit from Marday Yushvayev, 34, co-owner of the Spetsstroy Accord. Navalny notes that in 2018 the company won bids for 3.3 billion rubles. In particular, the Spetsstroy Accord has received the right to repair more than 300,000 square meters of roads in the Central District of Moscow.

"There are dozens of streets and tracks on which asphalt, sidewalks and sidewalks were set. In addition, the company won tenders for the reform of apartment buildings common in Moscow, "notes the politician.

According to Navalny, the Yushvaeva company has given a loan to the deputy's wife due to the fact that Slutsky, according to unconfirmed information, is the illegitimate son of the former head of the Moscow construction complex and Sergey Sobyanin's adviser, Vladimir Resin.

Navalny also noted that Maybach had disappeared from Slutsky's statement, whereby 825 fines were issued on traffic ticket fines. As follows from the document, the deputy sold the car for 200 thousand rubles. However, FBK notes that Slutsky actually re-registered the car and changed its number, and still uses this car.

Member of Parliament Leonid Slutsky and his assistant did not respond to rain calls at the time of publication.

In March of last year, the FBK found the deputy Leonz Slutsky 825 traffic police fines from June 2017, as well as an undeclared plot in Rublevka, rented. In addition, the foundation found that Slutsky's wife has a cover in the residential complex Kutuzovskaya Riviera worth about 400 million rubles.

In February 2018, Slutsky's deputy was charged with harassment by three journalists – Ekaterina Kotrikadze, RTVI deputy editor-in-chief, Darya producer Daria Zhuk, and Bi-bi-si correspondent Farida Rustamova. Slutsky denies the charges. The State Duma Ethics Committee found no violations of Slutsky's actions.


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