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Anastasia Reshetova makes her subscribers believe in a non-existent marriage.

Last week, Anastasia Reshetova posted on Instagram stories, where she complains that Timati lost interest after agreeing to become his wife and throughout the relationship introduced himself to those he is not. The singer did not tolerate the whims and put Reshetov in place.

For several days, Anastasia did not share her publications, but soon a photo appeared on Instagram, where she and Timati in white, very similar to the wedding. Many were taken to the trick of a young Nastya and agreed that the make and model were involved. The fans began to congratulate the couple with joy, but the more observant noted that Anastasia had recently posted photos on these dresses for her birthday.

"This is a fictitious idyll, Reshetova in relations with Timati is wishful thinking," "now she wants to believe in her non-existent marriage," users write.

And Anastasia herself writes about the illusion of relationships in her stories, responding to subscriber questions: "Keep in mind that tannings, signatures and photochicks are common – absolutely not a guarantee of happy relationships." It was this response that pushed the enemies to the idea of ​​well-being invented in relationships.

After seeing the stories, users came to the conclusion that with these photos, Nastya is trying to fool fans and create the impression of a beautiful relationship.

Reshetova realized that Timur Ildarovich's patience could not be attempted and behaved like that, in the end it was possible to run out of a car and expensive presents. And I decided to work on the bugs, because after the previous publication, many unsatisfactory and instructive comments fit into his speech.

The haters write, "I'm glad Anastasia made the right conclusions in time, maybe the relationship will improve for the better, and Anastasia will finally stroke her beloved shirt."

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