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As the reviewer noted, the Korean crossing, contrary to their expectations, turned out to be a good car.

The Red Beard blogger shared a review of Hyundai Crete, who called it "Trough or sewed?

One of the main advantages of the model, in the opinion of the reviewer, is a reliable engine that does not suffer from "oil". It also has relatively good fuel consumption. On the road, about 7.0 liters per hundred is enough for a car and about 10 liters for the city, and the AI-92 can be refueled.

Another advantage of the model is the presence of disc brakes on both the front and the rear. The more expensive Crete will also be satisfied with good optics with adaptive bass headlight linzirovannaya, halogen high beam headlamp and running LED lights. "Fog" optionally offered.

In addition, the blogger was surprised that the stabilizers are considered an option. However, he liked how the crossover behaves on irregularities. Note that the Hyundai Crete has a MacPherson-type suspension mounted at the front and a multi-link suspension in the back. Ground clearance in the car is very good – 190mm. The trunk volume is 402 liters.

As for the failures in Kreta, the reviewer noted that efforts should be made to close the hood or the doors because the gum is too hard. In addition, the blogger believes that the model does not have enough front parking sensors, although many other machines of the same class are equipped with this function.

Yana Vasilyeva

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