Friday , July 30 2021

Possible symptoms and signs of coronavirus in an adult during the day: video |

This symptom is in second place in terms of frequency of manifestation – 80% of cases. It is usually dry or with little phlegm.

– There may also be sore throat, runny nose, decreased smell and taste, signs of conjunctivitis. These symptoms at the beginning of the infection can be observed in the absence of an increase in body temperature, – states the Ministry of Health manual.

Confusion of conscience

This symptom appears in 9% of cases. It is quite difficult for the patient to determine it independently. It is important to understand that confusion is not just a complete loss of connection with reality.

– We ask the patient some questions: “What day is it today?”, “What is your name?”, “Where are you?” If the patient gives logical responses, but not immediately, that is, he is inhibited, it is already a bad symptom. If the patient does not respond or answers illogical things, this is very bad. In general, the doctor, communicating with the patient, immediately understands: he responds normally or out of place. The person himself may not realize it, but loved ones will certainly see it, – says Dr. Ivan Skorokhodov.

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