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Ponarovskaya expressed the main tragedy by Nachalova :: Show business ::

Irina Ponarovskaya participated in the program dedicated to 40 days from the day of death of Yulia Nachalova. The actress was called the godmother of a young singer, who gave her a start in show business.

"She is a talented figure … She is a symbolic figure … Such significant things are happening … God, why did I paint? I still have these shirts, ties, jackets, in which she starred in her video.And I promise that I will definitely bring her back from St. Petersburg to my relatives.He left with that, "- stated Irina Ponarovskaya wiping tears at the show" Hello, Andrei! ".

The actress noticed that she was not the godmother of Yulia Nachalova. "She was only with me.I dreamed of being with her, and she was not with me.I had something to learn from her.And I asked for the Morning Star, when there was a final, I asked for a jury to put it on." I do not have to watch her perform, it's something! "- admitted the singer.

Irina Ponarovskaya explained that she had not commented on Yulia Nachalova's death before because she did not consider it necessary to show her pain. And only now did she make an exception because she knew her parents would show up in the studio. Ponarovskaya remembered how she and Nachalova were on tour and that she was secretive with her, and promised that these secrets would remain unsolved.

The singer spoke about the premature death of Yulia Nachalova. "You know, it's too scary for me to say that … She's from such an early age … She fulfilled her program at 200%, she had nothing more to do.It could only be recognized and shine. I do not know what to do, "said Ponarovskaya," but I do not know what to do with it.

"There's some kind of monstrous rock, some kind of crazy coincidence that was impossible to turn around, if I were anywhere near, if only I saw one of its protuberances in the arm, it would have sounded the alarm. And she would go to the best doctors … I did not interfere. She has her own life, her own children, marriages, "concluded Irina Ponarovskaya, who gradually diverged from Julia Nachalova. However, she noted that they had no complaints and complaints with each other.

In conclusion, the artist said, "Pray! Pray for this girl, who did not understand what happened to her, that her soul made a beautiful transition to the world of souls." Irina Ponarovskaya admitted that she had dreamed of Yulia Nachalova, but refused to talk about it. Recall that the singer died at 38 years of blood poisoning.

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