PlayerUnknown battlegrounds officially announced for PlayStation 4


Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that the Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown real battle will be released on PlayStation 4 next month.

PlayerUnknown's Battlefield is a shooter where hundreds of warriors land on the map and fight to survive. In this game of life and death, they need to explore the area of ​​weapons and armor. The last remaining is the winner.

At the launch of the Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown for the PlayStation 4 will offer three cards – Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok – and the location of the snow will appear this winter. The project will include all key features such as customizable matches, rating system, event mode, trophies and more.

In the near future, PlayerUnknown battlefields can be pre-ordered in stores. The disc edition, like the digital edition of the digital Looter, will contain only the game itself. Another thing is the Survivor's Digital Edition, which includes PUBG, Vikendi Event Pass, 2300 G-Coin and 20000 BP. The most expensive edition will be the Champion Digital Edition: it's the same as in the previous one, but the G-Coin number will be 6000.

To pre-order any of the publications, you'll receive exclusive bonuses: the Nathan Drake suit and Ellie's backpack, as well as an avatar for PlayStation Network and the theme "Miramar" for PlayStation 4.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds for the PlayStation 4 will go on sale on December 7th. The game is now available on both the PC and Xbox One.

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