Friday , July 23 2021

Paparazzi photographed Megan Markle in a meeting with a man

Megan Markle, 37 (Meghan Markle) is preparing for the first time to become a mother in April. The Duchess of Sussex can not simply enjoy pregnancy: she regularly attends official events.

This week, the paparazzi managed to make new photos of the Duchess: she entered the lenses during dinner in an Italian restaurant with a man. However, There's no reason to worry about Prince Harry: Megan met her new assistant, Christian Jones.

For a business meeting, the pregnant woman chose H & M jeans, adding the image of naked boats, sunglasses aviators and bulky purse.

Christian Jones will lead the press service of the families of the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge. Her responsibilities include advising Megan Markle and Kate Middleton, as well as their husbands for all matters, related to media interaction.

It's possible, Christian will give Megan some advice about his family from his father. Thomas Markle and his relatives regularly add fuel to the fire and expose the Duchess in a bad light before the whole world.

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