One expert told of the most viable truck in the ZIL-4972 person: AvtoMedia: VladTime


The expert is convinced that in Soviet times they produced very nice off-road equipment, which has no analogues in Russia now.

"Blue Bird," "the most passable all-terrain vehicle," "a car capable of surviving under the conditions of the apocalypse" – so the idea of ​​the Likhachev car factory, which was ZIL-4972, was not several moments. On the side of the car it seems quite unusual due to the special arrangement of the three axles, among which an equal distance was placed.

The front and rear axles were spinning here, which gives the truck a huge advantage in maneuverability and cross-country capability, especially during cornering. In addition, this scheme allows to overcome ditches of 2.5 meters wide, although the conventional URAL can "jump on" a maximum through a well of one meter, which is already considered a good indicator.

Finally, thanks to an unusual scheme, the ZIL-4972 can do completely without a wheel on one of the axles, or without two in the middle, you can not take the spare tire with you. Suspension is totally independent, torsion bar, which is very rare for similar trucks – this gives even more maneuverability on the roads.

Under the hood of the ZIL-4972 is an atmospheric 8-cylinder engine with two boosters and hydraulic generators. The truck owner installed on it rear view cameras and two KamAZ fans, which are activated depending on engine power. At the same time, the car's suspension is so smooth that, according to one expert, you can even sleep comfortably on off-road.

The ZIL-4972 Soviet "off-road monster" is considered by network commentators to be worthy of the title of perhaps the most passable truck in all post-Soviet space and beyond: "Ancient machines of a highly developed civilization", "They simply do not imagine doing "," Pride leads to such a device! ".

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