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Andrey Malakhov has dedicated the next edition of her talk show to the actress
Irina Tsivina. In the studio of the program "Live" TV channel "Russia 1" lover said
about the pregnant actress.

One of the first set appeared the son of a celebrity
Evgeny Blagonravov. The star's heir tried to dispel the rumor about the possible
killing a mother.

According to the heir Tsyvina, the investigative
the committee. The star was immediately taken to the autopsy. Medical examiners established this celebrity
died of a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Irina's lover – actor Denis Serdyukov does not believe
the conclusion of the doctors. To require a more complete repetition
search. Friend Tsivina said that a few days before her death, the artist told her about the beginning of a long-awaited pregnancy.

This statement infuriated Evgenia Blagonravov. "Bredyatina!
He could not resist. – What is pregnancy, does she have an early menopause?

It should be noted that the heir Tsyvinoy present in the studio "Direct
He was indirectly charged with the death of his mother.
of Irina's friends – Olga Kvasnevskaya stated that she was many times before death
complained about his son. Supposedly, Blagonravov organized scandals and stole money from one of his parents.

"Show me, please, at least one text message, anything.
I had an incredible relationship with my mother, "Blagonravov replied.

After the actress's heir fought with show host Andrei Malakhov.
The showman said her neighbors believe Irina Tsyvin was killed – this infuriated Yevgeny. Oil for fire added the words of Malakhov who
behaves in a suspicious way: before arriving at the program, the artist's son presents a series of conditions according to which the studio should not have been
some of his mother's acquaintances.

"With me I was a friend, for a minute, Andrew, witness with me
the work has arrived. He called an ambulance. Took a pillow while I was making an artificial
breathing. You were not there, dear Andrei. This is already crossing all borders, "shouted Irina Tsyvina's son to the showman.


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