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Independent journalists compiled a list of the worst characters in the Avengers, who do not have superpowers and touch stories from the past. It was posted on the site. issues.

In the first place, it was Warmaster – Colonel James Rupert Rhodes, who wears a heavy armored suit, created by the company based on the Stark suit prototype.

Behind him in the list of the worst characters of the "Avengers" is Mantis, which, according to journalists, is nothing special. The praying mantis is a young female empatus cultivated by the Ego, who is recruited by the Guardians of the Galaxy. From childhood, Mantis has helped all his skills.

Third place was awarded to Falcon's eye by Jeremy Renner. Hawkeye – a former agent of Shch.I.T.a. The character has no supernatural abilities, he has only one bow and arrows.

In addition, Doctor Strange also included the five greatest heroes, who were criticized by journalists for the game Benedict Cumberbatch, and adopted daughter of Thanos and member of the Guardians of the Galaxy of Gamor.

Note that the ranking of the best characters "Avengers" led by Thor.

Previously, it was reported that new spoilers "Avengers" leaked into the network.


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