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Named the main danger for women under 50 – Rambler / doctor

American doctors have said that women smokers under 50 have a very high risk of developing a heart attack. Compared with those of the fragile sex, who have no bad habit, CNN reports.

In a large-scale study, experts have confirmed that smoking is especially dangerous (as compared to men) to the female heart.

Such a connexion has also been reported among patients who had acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction or STEMI (when one of the major arteries of the heart, which supplies oxygen and blood to the organ, is blocked).

New work has shown that smoking increases the risk of heart problems in people, regardless of gender and age. But in women, this risk is significantly higher than in men.

The highest risk was recorded in volunteers aged between 18 and 49 years.

In this case, female smokers had a 13-fold increased risk of heart attack compared to nonsmokers.

Researchers attribute this to the fact that smoking reduces the production of an important estrogen hormone in the body of women.

However, scientists have said that the risk of dangerous diseases can be reduced by a bad habit.

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