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Mariya Poroshina's divorce, which was unexpected and even strange to fans, was voiced by her mother, Natalya Krasnoyarskaya, a musical theater artist. The woman admitted that she longed for this.

For fans, journalists and other interested audiences, the divorce of Mary Poroshin and Ilya Drevnov after 17 years of marriage together has become a sensation. Added to the excitement of the situation and the fact that the actress filed a divorce, being pregnant with another man.

Maria's parents do not know who the father of their future fifth child is. Mikhail Poroshin only recently learned of the heiress's pregnancy (by the way, for him he will be the 11th grandson), and musical theater artist Natalya Krasnoyarskaya made it clear that she was pleased with her daughter's divorce.

"It's been a long time since I've wanted to make it happen, there are men who are raised by men, and there are those who remain like boys for the rest of their lives. she added, "she added," she added: "I will teach you to drill", – said Mary Poroshina's mother on the program "You will not believe!

On the father of the fifth child of the actress Natalya Krasnoyarskaya spoke in moderation. She knows little about him. She knows he lives abroad. There is no doubt about Maria leaving Russia. It turns out that seeing your child loved by Poroshina can only from time to time.

Krasnoyarskaya said the daughter, despite the impressive deadline, continues to work hard. And with the children – 12-year-old Serafima, eight-year-old Agrafena and two-year-old Glafira – three nannies sit down. It is worth mentioning that it is Maria whom the mother calls the principal in the family. For example, she made decisions about how to name her daughters and did not take into account someone else's opinion (and, according to Krasnoyarsk, Poroshin's choice of names).


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