Microsoft's Windows 10 killer is available for free.


The US corporation Microsoft has been creating and releasing new operating system assemblies for the commercial market for over 20 years, and the newest one is Windows 10, which was available for download and installation for everyone in the summer of 2015. Since then, five major updates have been released, and the sixth will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. However, this OS is outdated, since a new one was created and released to replace it.

The licensed version of Windows 10 in the basic edition of Home costs up to $ 200, that is, 13,000 rubles, and if you need an advanced version of Pro, you will have to pay a lot more for it. The high cost of software prevents the entire operating system from developing rapidly because Linux Ubuntu and macOS are available for free, thanks to which its popularity is growing rapidly. In this context, Microsoft has decided to take a completely new step for you.

It created the "killer" of the Windows 10 operating system, calling it Lite OS, and at the same time made the new software completely free for all users. Because of this, you will not need to use any license keys and codes, as all features will be available at no charge. Microsoft had to take that step mainly because of the strong competition, but the American company also will not refuse to make money. On the contrary, in this respect, it has very large plans.

It is known that the new Lite operating system will contain several features and advanced functions for the use of which users will have to pay in cash. For example, the Office 2019 office suite will be paid as well as the additional space in the OneDrive cloud storage. However, this is not so important because this software, like many others, is far from necessary for all users, which means that the new operating system for them, unlike Windows 10, will be completely free and licensed .

Earlier, it became known that you can now download the operating system Lite for computers, the "killer" of the Windows 10 platform.

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